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Known as a healthy source of nutrition, Americana express took this initiative further and began processing high quality beans cropped from the   best farms in the word. The canned variety of beans covers a huge market demand including the well known Medammes, Americana Express successfuly dominated this category over the years with innovative product introductions like ready to eat recipes in easy to open cans. In addition, Americana Express also processes a   wide range of canned beans attending to the varying tastes and cooking traditions existing within the internation consumer base. Baked Beans, Black Eye Beans, White Kidney Beans,Butter Beans, Red Kideny Beans, Chick Peas and Processed Peas are also part ofthe offered range. Americana Express uses superior quality raw beans, that in tern passes through expert processing to finally reach the consumer in exceptionally convenient packaging for instance, the brand golden colours Chick Peas are the largest in size and richest in nutritions as compared to its counterparts available in the market

Fava Beans with oil, lemon & cumin 24x400g

Fava beans with Tahina

Fava Beans with chick peas & olive oil 24x400g

Fava Beans with salsa 24x400g

Fava beans with olive oil 24x400g

Fava beans with ghee

Peeled fava beans with olive oil & tomato paste

Peeled fava beans with chili 24x400g

fava beans with chick peas

fava beans with chili 24x400g

fava beans with cumin

Plain fava beans 24x400g

Broad beans 24x400g

Hammos Tahina Dip 24x400g

AMC White Beans 24x400g

Red Kidney Beans 24x400g

Chick Peas 24x400g

Process Peas

Baked Beans in T/S 24x400g

Baked Beans 24x220

Hommo Tahina Dip 24x220